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Reading UK
Economic Recovery and Renewal Strategy 

Economic recovery strategy 

Building a stronger Reading, together.

At Reading UK, we are passionate about Reading: its people, its economy and its future. We exist to boost business and enhance visitor experiences to drive Reading’s economy, attract talent and business and ultimately improve the quality of life of Reading people.

Covid-19 has meant we’ve had to review our approach, adapting quickly to create a plan which will recover our town’s economy and rebuild a better, stronger Reading. We’re launching Powered by People, our four year plan to get Reading’s economy back on track, by addressing the key challenges facing our town.

Virtual roundtables

We're joined by local business leaders to discuss key topics for Reading's future

Roundtable 1
How can we recover and renew the economy?
Roundtable 2
How can we make Reading a successful leisure destination?
Roundtable 3
How can we make Reading a more sustainable, smarter city?
Roundtable 4
What's the future of Reading as a business destination?
Roundtable 5
How can we make Reading's workforce more resilient?
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Getting the Reading economy back on track

Key areas of focus 


Skills & local business training 

Inclusive Reading

We'll support Reading's labour force to get back to quality work and help grow our Reading businesses.


Smart, sustainable business

Smart Reading

We'll work to make sure technology is at the heart of the way we do business and grow our economy.


Marketing the place of Reading

Destination Reading

We'll focus on re-marketing Reading city as a great place to visit, live, work and do business.

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Shaping Reading's future

Powered by people

We believe the road to recovery is through the people of Reading; they are at the heart of business decision-making and recovery. The innovators, creators and entrepreneurs, the self-employed and those who have cared for us during the worst of the pandemic - these are the people who will bring the economy back to its former glory, and beyond. Reading's economic recovery strategy focuses on how we can shape Reading's future together, alongside the people who make Reading such a great place to live, work and do business. Our people are at the heart of what we stand for and will be the driving force behind our recovery. 

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A partnership approach

Together, we can make a difference 

Reading's people and its businesses are at the heart of its economic recovery. Reading UK is partnering with some great local organisations to deliver our collective plan. 

Please get in touch to chat about how you or your business can get more involved with Reading's economic recovery.

‘Smart Reading’ is all about rejuvenating the most vulnerable sectors of our economy and our town centre; safe-guarding the health and wellbeing of our employees and continuing to build on the innovative, creative and entrepreneurial strengths of Reading so we can come out from this crisis stronger and smarter than before. Scott Witchalls, Reading UK board member and Director at Stantec
Covid-19 will undoubtedly have an impact on Reading’s local workforce and labour market. During this time, we’ll need to work closely alongside our key partners and organisations within the community to help meet the immediate needs of local people who may be facing redundancy, unemployment and young people who may be approaching the workplace for the first time. This is an opportunity for us to work side by side, as One Reading, to support those most in need and to ensure the economic recovery of our town – for businesses and individuals. Paul Newman, Reading UK Board member and Activate Learning Founder
‘Destination Reading’ is about ensuring the economic recovery of our hospitality, retail and leisure businesses by positioning Reading as a welcoming, safe, smart, sustainable and cultural destination, now and in the future. The Covid-19 pandemic means we’re likely to see a shift in the way people live, work and travel, and we’ll need to recognise this as we look to safely reopen the town centre and responsibly re-engage with our leisure and business visitors. John McLaughlin, Reading UK board member and Director of the Hilton
As a major business committed to Reading, we are fully supportive of the recovery strategy. With our world-class research, superb prospects for our science and innovation park, business support services and the hosting of some 20,000 students from all around the world every year, it is important that we set standards as an inclusive, smart and welcoming town; one that continues to attract a diverse audience of learners, businesses and visitors, and creates prosperity that our residents can all share. Sam Foley, Reading UK board member and University of Reading
The Council welcomes this single strategy for the town that both the public and private sectors can rally around and support. I’m confident that our economy will bounce back quickly, based on the strength of Reading’s economic structure; our innovative and entrepreneurial economy, research-led University, highly skilled workforce, global connectivity and trade links. Cllr Jason Brock, Vice Chair of Reading UK and Leader of Reading Borough Council
Reading UK has served the town well for over 10 years, making a real difference in our community and is therefore well placed now to bring together private and the public sectors to steer a path through the recovery phase into a new era of economic success, one that is both technology-driven and environmentally sustainable. I call on all businesses in the greater Reading area to support this strategy and help us to deliver it. Adam Jacobs, Business Chair of Reading UK

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