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Business networking in Reading
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The Reading Business Network (RBN) is a group of ambitious business people who came together with Reading UK (the economic development organisation for the town) during the COVID-19 lockdown periods of 2020, to work out how to create a framework for local “neighbourhood” economies and business recovery, shaped through a town-wide business network and local business communities.

Its goal is to build a network of businesses across greater Reading that do more business and win more contracts locally, is better-informed of local economic and policy agendas, AND has a voice in discussion around policy and economic development in Reading.


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Reading Business Network is all about:

  • Working with businesses, business groups and other business networks, regardless of size or sector across the greater Reading area for mutual benefit and to give business a voice in growing back better the Reading economy
  • Recognising that not all business models are the same and that we need to adapt and appeal to the differing needs and styles of business - from sole traders to traditional family businesses to fast growing tech companies and global corporates
  • Being open, inclusive and supportive of business people and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds regardless of age, gender, disability, race and sexual orientation, but who just want to run ‘better’ businesses - and encouraging champions to come forward
  • Participating through our businesses to build back better the town and its neighbourhoods in a greener, more inclusive way and by engaging with our young people, preparing them to set foot in to employment training and business
  • Engaging with the public sector to do business and regrow the economy with the help of Reading UK CIC (the economic development company) as a joint venture

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Membership is completely FREE and open to Reading businesses of all shapes and sizes. Networking events are run monthly (online for now) for all its members.

For more information, sign up today.

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The Reading Business Network supports the economic recovery of Reading. 
More information on Reading's Economic Recovery and Renewal Strategy can be found on the Recovery Hub.