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Bounceback Toolkit

Shaping Reading’s Future

 Building financial stability for our town

Global consulting firm PwC, who have a significant presence in our town, are predicting a recovery in the global economy towards the end of 2021. This will, of course, vary by country and region, and depend on their key economic drivers.

In Reading, we have a wide range of businesses, ranging from high-growth technology-enabled businesses to service and hospitality-led companies. Through this diversity, innovation, and determination to succeed, Reading has the opportunity to be a leader in the UK's recovery. To support this, Reading businesses have access to this Finance & Strategy Toolkit, offering financial advice, strategic support and vital funding that's needed to support recovery in 2021.

Finance & Business Support Toolkit

Reading Business Network
Free monthly networking sessions and support for Reading businesses
Financial Support
Support & grants available currently to Reading businesses, Reading UK
Brexit Support
Free Brexit support and advice for Berkshire businesses
Business Support
A list of business support organisations within Reading, from Reading UK
Good Growth For Cities,
Developing a Business Recovery Plan,
Edmonds Accountancy
EU Exit Business Readiness, Berkshire Business Hub
Building resilience: British Business Bank
Business in Focus, PWC
Private Business: The way ahead, PWC
John Ellis

Finance & Strategy


With businesses having been stretched thinner than ever before, we are fortunate in Reading to be "bucking the trend" with many technology and creative businesses having seen growth in 2020 despite COVID-19 and Brexit. Although for many, the picture is much more bleak. We spoke with John Ellis, Parter at Management Consultancy Firm, PwC, about the prospects for businesses in our town.

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