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Customer Service Toolkit

Shaping Reading’s future

Customer Service for a New Beginning

As lockdown eases, and more people start to emerge to work, live and shop in Reading, there will be huge additional pressure on customer-facing businesses and team members, to welcome people back to our town in a safe and secure way.

But PPE, pressures on mental health, and anxiety about the future, as well as uncertainty around the rules, can make this challenging.

In this section of the Reading UK Recovery Toolkit, we've worked with leading businesses in our town, such as The Oracle, GWR and Jacobs the Jeweller, for example, to help businesses prepare for the days and months ahead.

Customer Service Toolkit

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Andy Briggs (2)

Customer Service


Retail and hospitality businesses - in fact, anyone who has to welcome customers - have been the most hard hit by COVID-19. We interviewed Andy Briggs, General Manager of The Oracle in Reading town centre, to learn how Reading businesses can adapt to provide exceptional customer service, survive, and thrive in 2021.


Focus on the Customer


We spoke with David Pinder, station manager at Reading Station, to get his perspective on how businesses can serve customers better in 2021. Having been in a Station Manager role since 2013, David has looked after many of our region’s stations, such as Oxford and Didcot Parkway, Maidenhead and Twyford. Most recently managing Reading Station, Reading West and the GWR Stations to Gatwick.

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