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Article contributed by Compass Recovery College

Improving wellbeing, managing stress and creating a more positive mindset

Do you feel overwhelmed, cranky or fatigued? Do you get headaches, struggle to sleep or find yourself more irritable? Stress affects us in many ways; physically, emotionally, cognitively or socially. Common stress responses include difficulty sleeping, muscle tension, headaches, dizziness, chest pain, eating too much or not enough and low energy. This is our “Sympathetic” nervous system taking over, which developed when we needed to run away from lions and bears. It’s also known as our fight or flight response and is intended for protection and survival. Our everyday stressors are more constant and pervasive than lions and bears though, so it can be hard to switch that stress off. We all need to practice pressing the brake pedal so that our bodies and minds can rest, relax and recover.

Free health and wellbeing courses

We all have periods of stress in our lives but having the knowledge and tools to respond to that stress appropriately makes all the difference.

Compass Recovery College is a mental health and wellbeing organisation which provides free courses for anyone in or around Reading who may be affected directly or indirectly by mental health or wellbeing challenges. Whether you run your own business, lead teams, work for yourself or work as an employee, course open to everyone - and they're free! Download the prospectus below for more information on courses available.


Compass prospectus

Compass courses are online, open to everyone and free.

Get in touch to enroll:
Telephone: 01189 373 945
Email: compass.opportunities@reading.gov.uk

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